Jan. 5th, 2013

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So. Things have actually been quite calm here. Well, more or less. My co-worker had her baby who is absolutely adorable, and I actually held (I have, what I think is a fairly rational, fear of hurting week old babies by accident). He's super cute, and his parents are so, so happy.

For me, unfortunately, this means that I'm helping to break in a new nurse at work, which is sometimes frustrating. When I started, I started at the same time as S, so we learned together and inadvertently came up with our own system for getting things done without actually sitting down and coming up with it. It worked really well, but now there are things that she did that I have to try to explain to the new nurse - S was here when the new nurse began, but there are always things that are inevitably not covered, because no one thinks of them. I like the new nurse, but sometimes I want to get my own shit done, and not have to explain things. It's selfish, but I just see things piling up because I feel like I'm constantly being interrupted to teach something that would take me a minute to do myself. Which isn't helpful for the long term, but right now, it would make my life easier. I feel bad, because I do like her and she is good at what she does - I'm pretty sure I'm just used to the Way Things Were and not doing well with change. It will get better - I'm sure when S comes back, I'll complain while she is getting back into the swing of things.

I'm back to running - began in December. It feels good to be doing it again. I've signed up for a 30km race in March, so we'll see how that goes. I'm looking forward to it, though the training is going to be brutal. The course has some hills, and doing long runs with hills isn't ideal in the winter, since the footing isn't great...and the city has actually been on top of the plowing so far this year.

I downloaded the running app Zombies, Run!. It is pricey in that regular price it's $7.99. But I had read good things about it, and decided to give it a try. It's actually really fun. Basically all I have to do is set up my phone with the episode/mission and head out. The missions are about a half hour or an hour long, depending on the settings you choose. You go out, and 'collect items' on your run and put them in an Mary Poppins bag equivalent, since I'm not entire sure how one would run carrying...let's see on my last run I picked up a bottle of pain meds, 2 baseball bats, a book, a pair of pants, a pack of underwear, some shirts, a car battery, tinned food, a solar charger (and more), and still evade zombies. I may or may not be a little too into a story considering I keep wanting to shout at some of the characters (Janine, I'm looking at you after this last run I did), though I do adore Sam Yao, and Eugene and Jack (there love is actually canon). I did have to turn off the zombie chases (basically random times when I have to speed up because there's a zombie hoard) now, since I don't fancy losing my footing and falling. I'll turn them on in the Spring. I use the app a couple times a week for short, easy runs. I look forward to the runs because the storyline is good, and I want to know what happens next. They are coming out with Season 2 in the spring, so I'm hoping that the good writing continues. It does not surprise me that there is fandom for this app, even though I find it kind of funny.

I also joined tumblr and we'll see how long that lasts. I'm still trying to figure it out.


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