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OK, it was not Really Chilly. There was a cold north wind, but it wasn't too bad. Maybe a couple degrees below 0, I think without the wind. Anyway, the race went ok, it was only 5 km, but since I have run that far only once for sure (maybe twice), I wasn't entirely sure on speed. So I was a bit slower than I probably could have gone, but I ended up finishing under 30 minutes, so that's not too bad. And I came 3rd in my age group, surprisingly, so that's pretty nice as well (although, I suspect there were not many people in my age group out for this race). Hopefully by April (when the next race is), I can get at least 5 minutes off that time, and be somewhat competitive with people my age when more people are out for the races.

So, the running is going well overall. If nothing else, it's nice to get out a couple times a week with some people and socialise a bit and go for a run. Not entirely sure if I've actually lost any weight though (I don't own a scale), but oh well. While losing weight isn't the primary purpose of this running thing for me, it would be a nice side benefit. I guess we'll see how it goes.

on 2010-03-01 07:30 am (UTC)
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Your running is going excellent - under 30 mins is a great time for your first race \o/


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