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Not dead. Have horrible week coming up though. I have about 4 things I want to finish tomorrow and one more I need to start. Should be interesting since we're having Easter Dinner here.

Anyway. I participated this year in [ profile] axial_tilt and actually had some fun doing it! It was stressful, since I didn't finish my fic during my spring break like I had planned, so I had to finish it when I was stress out with school stuff. Anyway, I wrote Safe for [ profile] dacro (HP/Firefly crossover) and [ profile] gibson wrote this fabulous Draco-centric piece called Amendment for me. So go read it!
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Dear self,

Remember how you made the corrections to your [ profile] axial_tilt entry right after you got it back from being beta'd, because you didn't want to do the corrections later, as you have 3 essays due next week, none of them finished (and only one of them started)? Yeah, well, it would have been really cool, if you didn't delete the fucking file after making said corrections (and empty the recycling bin).

No love,


To be fair the fic is not a million words long, but still. Annoyance in having to correct twice.
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I got my [ profile] axial_tilt assignment, which is a bit...intimidating. Not because I think it will be super difficult to write something, but in the "OMG THIS IS MY FIRST EXCHANGE WHAT IF THE RECIPIENT HATES IT" sort of way. I have a couple of ideas mulling around in my head, but we'll see. I sadly have started to put together a tentative plan of getting this written so I don't freak out when it's due because I have nothing done. I just don't want to completely fail at this.

I re-watched Torchwood Series 2, episode 1 today, and found it still fun on reviewing. There were a couple of things that really bothered me in it though, that I didn't really noticed the first time I viewed it. However, overall it was a fairly decent episode for Torchwood. [ profile] tenninch, where are you? I want to talk to you about them. I am also hoping that the Ianto/Jack fangirls do not kill any remaining joy I have for the pairing. Because I fear that it will go much the way as Draco/Harry for me - I loved that pairing at first, but eventually the ear-piercing squees of the fangirls, and the overload of fic, killed my love for it. I still read Draco/Harry on occasion, but only after it's been recc'd to me - I no longer search it out, and right now, Ianto/Jack is getting to that point for me, since everyone is about the pretties.

I didn't get to the post office today, as planned as I had to finish a report for my program co-ordinator that took longer than anticipated, which means, unless I go Monday morning, I can't make it until Wednesday. I fail at planning.

Anyway, how are you all doing?


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