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For those in fandom...Scribblit is to have servers in Canada. Canadian Child Porn laws are much stricter than the US, and even Australia. Text, or image, fictional characters or not, is illegal under the current Canadian law, if the characters involved are underage and the material is sexually explicit. At least, that's what I understand to be true. If someone wants to clarify, by all means.

I don't want to debate the law here, because my understanding of it is not that good, and because I don't need the wank from those that are for or against the law.

What I do think is that fandom needs to do to is either find a journalling place somewhere that allows for more leeway on this material, or have someone in one of those places create one.

more on this here in [ profile] maeglinyedi's journal.
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Fic rec: Violent Opposition to Livejournal by: [ profile] beefcake_cop
Summary: What if the South Park gang was caught up in the recent LJ bannations?
Coarse language, use your discretion. For those that are caught up in this recent drama, and watch Dr Who, there's a part in this where you'll probably go "...It makes so much sense now!"

Thanks [ profile] maeglinyedi for the link
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Nice response there Burr86. Really
And He just keeps digging

I'm sure mocking those that are irate about this will win them over. Surely, that's the way to go here.

ETA: I'm all for him having opinions and expressing them, but to mock the people involved with a username that has interacted with the affected persons in a somewhat official-ish way? And more than that, in a public community? Not exactly the brightest thing to do.
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1. I am not sure if the fen on my flist has seen this, however, assuming it is true...
Response to LJer re teh bannings Note to LJ: Likely =/= does

2. Contracts cannot be changed online without notice, court rules

3. How did they decide it was minors? After seeing one of the's hard to say whether or not one of the characters was underage. Yes, it was HP, and one of the characters Harry, but that doesn't mean he was depicted as under 18 in the picture.

In other porn related news, the third installment of The Dark Side of Porn should be up by tonight.

Fic Rec

Jun. 3rd, 2007 03:55 pm
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Anthropomorfic: Making Up Is Hard To Do
by: [ profile] china_shop
Pairing: Fandom/LJ,
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2400 words
Warnings: het, kink, role-playing, excessive italics.

One of the funnier and hotter things to come out of StrikeThrough2007
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As promised below we have reviewed the journals that have been suspended and are now in the midst of unsuspended about half of them.
The class of suspensions that are being reversed are;
1. All Fandom journals
2. All fiction journals
3. All journals who that had problems in their profile only

Are large number of journals that are clear violations of our policies will remain suspened.

I will write a post in more detail soon but I wanted to get this up now as promised.

We are truly sorry for the mess, we have more work yet to do.

So..from the sounds of things [ profile] pornish_pixies will be coming back. *knocks on wood* (and yeah, I'm totally adding this on the end so when I refresh I can see that strike out disappear...eventually)

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If you haven't heard already there's a response to the recent journal suspensions in [ profile] news. Do I wish there was a response earlier? Yes, but let's face it, LJ was fucked no matter what they did, especially since they suspended one of the heavyweights in a huge fandom. While I don't like saying it, I doubt the response would have been quite so large and angry, if fandom hadn't been hit.

I do appreciate, however, that they did make a statement. it horrible that I'm considering a permaccount? Not because I've had my faith renewed in LJ/6A, I want to see more on this suspension issue, and have things clarified, but...the exchange rate right now is really good. I've spent more than holy shit 400 USD on LJ. Most in gifts, granted, but 100 USD or so was for me, and I kinda want a permaccount, because of the Canadian Dollar drops (which it probably will in the coming years), I don't want to feel like I'm paying 50 CAD/year for my journal, you know? I'd rather pay the 160-170 CAD (depending on the exchange rate I get) now.
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Article containing an interview with Barak Berkowitz the chairman and chief executive of Six Apart. You know, it's great that we find out this information from another source first, and not, you know the [ profile] news itself. I mean, heaven forbid they actually address this and talk to us. I guess this is their 'statement'. Thanks, LJ.
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We started the year with Horsefucker, and have moved into LJ-Deletegate Strikethrough 2007. What a year for the wank.

ETA: And we have Icons!
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WTF, LJ?I come home from work and my flist has exploded (well, the HP fandom side) thanks to [ profile] pornish_pixies's sudden suspension, which happens to be just in time for the fantasy fest (which hasn't actually been mentioned, but I am mentioning it because it makes me sad that the fantasy fest might be delayed, and/or gone). *is annoyed, angry and sad*
[ profile] inell you will be my new bestest ever friend if you still write my request.

I'm wondering what caused it...there are a lot of other porny, kinky LJ comms out there (...or LJ journals in general) that haven't been affected. Did someone bitch or something?
ETA: apparently other comms and RPG journals are being affected.

For more info on stuff (because I'm just learning about it myself and can't give you any) [ profile] liz_marcs seems to have a post on...stuff about LJ being pressured to purge certain accounts here. Read, or don't. Those in any fandom may want to take a gander, at least because it could potentially affect your fandom as well.


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