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Haha, more on my DivaCup. Ok so sizing. Besides whether or not you've had kids, or based on age, how would you know if you needed a bigger cup? would it not get all not suction-y and leak? Anyway, so far I just empty it in the morning in the shower, and sometime in the evening, and that's it. Better than having to change a pad/tampon however many times on heavy days, that's for sure. Are you all getting tired of my raving about menstrual cups, yet? If anyone on my flist decides to get one, or try using their's *coughklocough* I suggest doing a 'dry run' of inserting and removing the cup, so you don't panic your first cycle if you have a difficult time removing it. Because staying calm, makes things so much easier. Also, if the 'c-fold' doesn't work check out these folds as well. As I've mentioned before, I use punchdown, and that's because it's a smoother insertion for me, compared to the 'c-fold'.

lol more stuff, that I figure no one really wants to read )
for those looking for one:
Divacup - that's the one I have. Made in Canada. People seem to love it or hate it, it looks like.
Keeper is made from latex, I believe, and made in...America? That's what it's saying on the site (for some reason I was thinking the UK) anyway, they also have a silicone one called the Moon Cup
Mooncup Made in the UK I think? also silicon. I am thinking that because Keeper's silcone cup is called MoonCup is why I got confused there.
Lunette from Finland.

Here's a picture of them all and according to the Lunette website it does come in 2 sizes.

I must say, I love when I'm surfing these sites they all have diagrams with the stem practically even with the vaginal opening, which is totally not where mine sits at all. It may start there, but it certainly doesn't stay there. If it did, removal would be easier, that's for sure. Anyway, there'll be another post from me in a couple minutes with um. something else in it.


Aug. 13th, 2007 10:04 pm
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Ok, for those that don't really want to read about my new-found love of the DivaCup, and don't want to read about my period then you probably don't want to click on the cut.

DivaCup )

I still have to upload all my icons to my other million journals which is taking some doing. If the fandom one gets up and running, I'd love to be able to upload multiple userpics at once. Because I'm either missing where I can do that, or the other sites don't have that option. Or, in the case of GJ, have that option and have it work.

I also had something else to write about, but I forget what it is.
Oh! Happy Birthday [ profile] elanor_isolda!

[ profile] lj_biz has updated. Rant may be forthcoming
sciencegeek: (Default) a DivaCup becomes easier with practice, right? Or am I the only dumbass that had to take a stupid amount of time inserting the first time?


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