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This could be interesting reading for those that write/draw erotic fiction/art. I haven't really read the links there, but they may be useful for some of the fandom people on my flist.

And regarding Scribblit. [ profile] twocorpses comments here that she is looking into off-shore hosting for Scribblit. I don't really know what that does really, if the company is still...based in Canada, or something? I don't know. And, uh, for the record, I don't want Scribblit to fail, it's just for fandom, I'm not sure it's the place.
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For those in fandom...Scribblit is to have servers in Canada. Canadian Child Porn laws are much stricter than the US, and even Australia. Text, or image, fictional characters or not, is illegal under the current Canadian law, if the characters involved are underage and the material is sexually explicit. At least, that's what I understand to be true. If someone wants to clarify, by all means.

I don't want to debate the law here, because my understanding of it is not that good, and because I don't need the wank from those that are for or against the law.

What I do think is that fandom needs to do to is either find a journalling place somewhere that allows for more leeway on this material, or have someone in one of those places create one.

more on this here in [ profile] maeglinyedi's journal.
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1. I am not sure if the fen on my flist has seen this, however, assuming it is true...
Response to LJer re teh bannings Note to LJ: Likely =/= does

2. Contracts cannot be changed online without notice, court rules

3. How did they decide it was minors? After seeing one of the's hard to say whether or not one of the characters was underage. Yes, it was HP, and one of the characters Harry, but that doesn't mean he was depicted as under 18 in the picture.

In other porn related news, the third installment of The Dark Side of Porn should be up by tonight.
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This has probably been asked, but I'm curious, do you think the Wolfsbane potion has to be taken at the same time every day for however long one has to take it, or can it vary?

[EDIT]The Skyhawke stuff hurts my brain, and I want it to go away. It's not that it really concerns me, what with my incompetence at writing, but, I don't know. I find it confusing and a bit frustrating to figure out.


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