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Some Torchwood fics I've been meaning to rec
Sicut lilium inter spinas PG-13 Cross-over with Firefly.
I am not a huge crossover fan most of the time, and the only reason I read this one was because it crossed with Firefly. Anyway, basically the fic is about River and Jayne falling through the rift and catching up with the team. Much better than my summary right there.

Left Unsaid PG for swearing. A series of drabbles, all with Martha and the team, and about the Year That Wasn't. [ profile] tenninch you may actually like this one.

Perhaps I have just read too much of it, but TW/DW is the only fandom where I can't seem to read slash in anymore. Shocking, I know. But I've noticed that even in other fandoms, I'm scrolling through a lot of the smut to get to the plot, and I'm wondering if that's part of the problem I'm having -- there doesn't seem to be those awesome plotty fics in the TW/DW fandoms where I can just skip the porn. Of course they may be there, but I dislike WIPS, so it could be that I'm just missing them. On the other hand, I don't mind het in that fandom, so maybe I've just read too much of the slash, or something. It could be because the cast is smaller than HP, so where I could be bored of a pairing in HP, there's always another that I can read, ormaybe because it feels like everyone is writing it, just to put 'teh pretties!' together (Ten, Jack, Ianto, Master)...because I haven't seen that many slash fics containing Nine. Or Owen, but I don't want to read the ones with Owen, so I don't mind so much on that one. Oh well.

I should find some Martha icons. And some Blaise/Harry fic.
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Fic rec: Violent Opposition to Livejournal by: [ profile] beefcake_cop
Summary: What if the South Park gang was caught up in the recent LJ bannations?
Coarse language, use your discretion. For those that are caught up in this recent drama, and watch Dr Who, there's a part in this where you'll probably go "...It makes so much sense now!"

Thanks [ profile] maeglinyedi for the link

Fic Rec

Jun. 3rd, 2007 03:55 pm
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Anthropomorfic: Making Up Is Hard To Do
by: [ profile] china_shop
Pairing: Fandom/LJ,
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2400 words
Warnings: het, kink, role-playing, excessive italics.

One of the funnier and hotter things to come out of StrikeThrough2007


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