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Who the fuck thought this was a good idea, Spain?

If you want to see what makes me incoherent with rage, it's a bunch of assholes deciding that a good advert idea is to have an olympic basketball team make 'slit eyes'. Yes, Spain, I'm looking at you. What the hell is wrong with people? How could no one step back and think this is a fucking stupid idea?

No, I won't lighten up (pardon the expression), I won't take it as a joke, I don't care if your "BFF Asian buddy" thinks it's hilarious because it's not. It's offensive. I don't care if no offense was intended, it doesn't excuse the fact that the advert was made, and it is offensive.

You want to know why minorities in a fit of anger and frustration will say "I hate white people"? This is a good example. Shit like this keeps happening and people ignore it, and eventually after enough POC shout that the damn thing is offensive a belated "OH WE FUCKED UP" statement occurs, which does not contain the words "we fucked up" but rather "We are sorry people were offended" placing it on the POC to try to make us feel guilty that we think that someone making fun of the way we look/sound/talk/act is unacceptable. Then no one learns from it and some other asshole makes the same damn mistake and we're back where we started from. I won't be made to feel guilty that I "ruined someone's fun/joke" when they are making fun of me or any other POC. I'm sorry. I won't. So fuck you, Spain.


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