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I think what I love about this video si that it sort of says a lot about what I'm thinking - I'm happy about Obama being president, but it does not satisfy me. It does not mean the US (or any country) is post-racial when they have a minority president. The work isn't done, racism still exists, a huge step toward Martin Luther King's dream, but it has not been realized.

Um, yes. The video is about 3 minutes long.
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[ profile] uppitybrownlady wrote a really good little piece entitled Being “colour blind” is NOT a solution that I think people should read.


Colour blindness is not a solution, it’s an endpoint. It’s a destination we must arrive at.

Colour blindness would mean to ignore the current perceptions of races, and racism stemming from those perceptions. It will not undo all of the years of learning that we have all undertaken. We will not unlearn that Europe was simply going abroad and settling in the “New World”, and all of knowledge was created by Europeans (well, the important ones, anyway). We will not unlearn that if the race of a murder victim is not specified (or divulged through name) in a news story, it must be a white person. We will not unlearn that Natives are supposedly ‘all’ alcoholics, drug users, and criminals, not because of colonialism and racism, but because that is just how Aboriginals are. We will not unlearn that young black men are only ever out to rob, stab, shoot, or sell drugs to you, and any time there is a young black man doing anything but robbing, stabbing, shooting, or selling drugs, he must be exceptional. We will not unlearn that businesses, media, politics, and other major institutions are inhabited by a majority white because they did it on their own

I'm excited about Obama being president, though I think some of the comments coming out today (well, and previously as well) are...annoying. But that's for another day, when I have time to think of a response and not just fly off the handle.
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I was debating posting this, but have decided to because it's a really interesting article. I'm having difficulty finding a quote to post, so I guess you'll have to read it.

Black Kids in White Houses: On Race, Silence, and the Changing American Family

Interesting because in someways I can identify with not being connected to my roots - I'm the third generation on my Mom's side born in Canada, and my knowledge about my cultural heritage is fairly limited - I ask my grandmother all I can, but she was born here, yet is my closest connection to that side of my heritage.
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Note: This primarily deals with race, and not with me being a bisexual woman. Both those facts may colour this entry, but they aren’t the focus of it. I am fully aware that as a woman, there are still glass ceilings to break. I am aware that as someone who is queer that there is a lot further to go for equality. But being biracial and a visible minority is part of who I am, and Obama winning is something that makes me extremely happy, but also apprehensive.

Happy, yet apprehensive )
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I think I'm in love. It's called "Yellow Rage". Some of you may have seen this on [ profile] tenninch's journal. NSFW (language).

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Hey all.

Not much new here - I'm still loving work, which is awesome. My supervisor is having me learn a lot of stuff, and do a lot of techniques, which is really good. I'm also digging the weekly pay thing, though it's sort of depressing that I make about the same amount in a week that I made in a month waiting tables (admittedly, the restaurant was small, and I only worked one day a week. Still). Once a month we have 'cake day' which is basically an excuse to get together and socialize for about an hour in the afternoon. And eat cake (obviously). I've met a few more people in the department that are around my age, which is sort of cool. They were going out last night for Halloween, but I couldn't go, because I so much crap to do for school, I couldn't justify losing (at least) half a day on Saturday recovering, because, even if I didn't drink that much, I'd still be up stupid late. I know that sounds lame, but I just know that if I did go out I'd have fun, but I'd be a stressball the rest of the weekend, which is less cool.

School is going ok. I'm doing well in all my classes, except one, which is going to be my nemisis this term. It mostly difficult because it's not a subject I'm too interested in (it's about bioprocesses, which I know is important for the production of some metabolites/enzymes, and more importantly alcohol, the subject, or at least the way it's being taught is dead boring). I am finding it hard though, to keep on top of things - with work and school, I can balance it more or less ok, but I tend to be sacrificing sleep to get stuff done sometimes, which can make things tough.

I'm still trying (and failing) to step back from the US election - just a lot of stupid shit has been said that pisses me off, but there's too much for me to actually make a coherent post.

I'm thinking of linking to, and writing some of my own thoughts/experiences on obw's Ways to Offend list (like...linking to the post on the blog, and then expanding here on my experiences on the, uh, way to offend). Well, once I have time to, anyway.

Oh. And dragons.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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My computer is still broken, but in the process of being fixed. While I likely could have got a new computer for a couple hundred more, the case for my computer is, in a word, hot. That, and I want to buy a new laptop in the new year, and buying a new computer would screw up my budget.

The rest of it:
- I always have to bite my tongue when I hear a white person say "You're generalizing and using a stereotype to depict all Americans/Canadians/southerners/liberals/conservatives/quebecers etc etc etc! I'm not like that!" because all I can think is "Welcome to my life"

A friend of mine recently posted a list on "How to be an 'ally'" which is really fantastic, and I think everyone should read, because I think everyone does something on the list at some point. I think that it's a good thing to be made aware of it. I know I've done some of the things before, and I'm not proud of it, but I think it serves of a good reminder, if for no other reason, to remind when 'I'm doing it wrong'.

I'm trying not to comment much on US politics because it's turning into a hot mess. But I found this video interesting (placed behind a cut in case people have issues with videos not behind cuts? I don't know, it made sense when I did it).

Another video - this one from Craig Ferguson and about voting )
And a couple of blogs on racism and white privilege and the US elections. I have some issues with the second link because while it talks about how...things are portrayed differently between the candidates, it is sort of...lopsided, and, for me, it seems to have a "Democrats are better/of course Democrats aren't like this" feel to it, which is stupid, but that may be a rant for another day.
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Who the fuck thought this was a good idea, Spain?

If you want to see what makes me incoherent with rage, it's a bunch of assholes deciding that a good advert idea is to have an olympic basketball team make 'slit eyes'. Yes, Spain, I'm looking at you. What the hell is wrong with people? How could no one step back and think this is a fucking stupid idea?

No, I won't lighten up (pardon the expression), I won't take it as a joke, I don't care if your "BFF Asian buddy" thinks it's hilarious because it's not. It's offensive. I don't care if no offense was intended, it doesn't excuse the fact that the advert was made, and it is offensive.

You want to know why minorities in a fit of anger and frustration will say "I hate white people"? This is a good example. Shit like this keeps happening and people ignore it, and eventually after enough POC shout that the damn thing is offensive a belated "OH WE FUCKED UP" statement occurs, which does not contain the words "we fucked up" but rather "We are sorry people were offended" placing it on the POC to try to make us feel guilty that we think that someone making fun of the way we look/sound/talk/act is unacceptable. Then no one learns from it and some other asshole makes the same damn mistake and we're back where we started from. I won't be made to feel guilty that I "ruined someone's fun/joke" when they are making fun of me or any other POC. I'm sorry. I won't. So fuck you, Spain.
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So minorities on TV/Movies and how I should be 'thankful' that I'm being 'represented'. This is a post that has been brewing for a while, because I feel like I can't complain about representation on a show, if that show has at least one token minority. It has probably been done to death, and I'm just adding to it, but deal. This post deals with mostly Asian representation on television, with some commentary on minorities in general on TV.

I admit that I don't watch a lot of TV, and I can't speak for every minority group (let alone everyone that is mixed) out there, or assume that every other POC has the same experiences that I do about this subject. What I can speak about is how I feel, and that I find it tiring and enraging to have people patronize me and tell me, in not so many words, that I should be grateful that there are minorities on TV. Nevermind that they are shoved into stereotypical roles, or killed off. Nevermind that the handful of characters may not represent my racial background - those characters represent every minority in North America. I suppose I should be doubly grateful that there are Asians on TV.

cut for length )

So no, I'm not thankful at all, because I feel marginalised, and I feel like what is being shown about Asian-Americans/Canadians/Britons is that we are really, really smart, don't talk about our emotions, or don't speak english very well. Oh, and we're also martial arts masters, and may own a convenience store.
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See my lips, they stick, but not together.
Rather, they flail open with flames to burn down this culture that once kept them shut.
~ Adriel Luis

First off - A good friend of mine recently started a blog called Uppity Brown Woman, and with the feed [ profile] uppitybrownlady. In her words "It's mostly [her] thoughts on feminism/anti-racism/whatever". I've enjoyed her posts in the past on racism, privelege and feminism, and I'm sure I will enjoy reading her there as well. If you have any interest in those subjects, I suggest checking it out.

In other news - I've been meaning to write a bit more about racism in my journal, likely in part because of what I was feeling after writing this post, the article Becoming Visable: On being a Woman of Colour in Fandom, and [ profile] tenninch saying (in the comments), among other things: I'm irrationally afraid to be wrong about my own experience as a woman of colour, so I rarely say a word, if at all. I pretend that some other, more knowledgeable WOC will come speak for me so that I don't fall flat on my face, and truth be told, I'm also afraid of another WOC correcting me - it's just so damn confusing when it happens in real life that I can't seem to deal with it online.

Because I know I often do the same thing. Part of it is the subconscious model minority thing, and the other that I don't feel knowledgeable about racism to talk about my experiences. sort of stupid because they are my experiences, but I think that I don't understand how they fit maybe? Anyway, I'm hoping to read more essays etc about racism at some point soon (ideally I'll be able to choose a course about it in the upcoming school year, but we'll see), just so I know about it in a larger context, I guess.

Disjointed thoughts )

So we'll see where this goes - there are lots of things I want to write about, I'm just not sure if/when they'll come about.
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This was linked to me from [ profile] deadbrowalking - Becoming Visable: On being a Woman of Colour in Fandom.

Excerpt: I'm part of the so-called "model minority" (raised properly to speak only when spoken to) and it's been hard for me to cause a ruckus, especially when it comes to pointing out the unthinking and often condescending privilege of white/mainstream feminism. That kind of uppity behaviour on the part of PoC is usually met with lectures about 'tone', or 'politeness', or how you're being 'divisive' within feminism, or how you're ignoring the oppression of people who identify as gay or have red hair.

It's all bullshit. You are not required to resume polite, pained silence simply to make white feminists feel less awkward about being hurtful. Don't let them rattle you when they whine that your critique is 'political correctness gone mad'; your purpose in being does not centre on making them feel comfortable. Have they bothered to make you feel comfortable?

I know it's hard, and it's frustrating, and there comes a point when you want to just throw up your hands and stop having to 'teach race' all the damn time. I reach that point with maddening frequency, and I am not even a full-time anti-racist feminist blogger or anything.

But the alternative is letting it slide for so long that we forget each other, we erase each other. I'm tired of being a visible minority in real life and an invisible one in fandom and online; I'm through with accepting the perception that I am never truly the Default.

It's an interesting article - it expresses somethings about the anonymity of the internet and being a PoC that I hadn't consciously considered before.

Just me rambling )
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Dear city controller/councillor,

Just because you have been to *insert country here*, or are friends with people from *insert country here*, does not give you a carte blanche to say absolutely idiotic things about said country and then claim it's "political correctness run amok" when someone calls you on it.

No love,

Dear classmates,

If you spent as much time working as you do bitching you'd get one hell of a lot more work done, and I wouldn't have to listen to your whining and complaining about the same shit every damn day. Think on it, I feel everyone comes out a winner. Yes, I get that it's a lot of work - I'm in the same boat as you after all. But folks, you signed up for the course, it's not like you had no freaking clue that it was going to be hard. I'm tired of you bitching about the difficulty level - IT'S UNIVERSITY LEVEL PEOPLE, WE ARE NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE.

Seriously annoyed,


Oh to be done this term....

And for something completely different click the link-y to up the population of my online city. Because...I can go visit there and waste a good minute or so procrastinating and finding out the new population number. My city
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link to youtube

A routine eye exam turns into a troubling look at American attitudes towards minorities in positions of power.

Winner of the Jury Prize from the 2003 Media That Matters Film Festival.

I remembered this video after reading Steinham's article (and I agree with [ profile] tenninch that if I see it again, I'll puke all over her white-privileged butt.
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This article was linked in a community I was browsing, and thought you all should read it. It's about white privelege, and also about how it's...pervasive - it's not just something that happens in the Western world. It's also about a hierarchy, and how cultures rank themselves (and each other) next to White. It's much better than anything I could write on racism and white privilege.

So, go. Read.

The Global Hierarchy of Race Martin Jaques


"Being top of the pile means that whites are peculiarly and uniquely insensitive to race and racism, and the power relations this involves. We are invariably the beneficiaries, never the victims. Even when well-meaning, we remain strangely ignorant. The clout enjoyed by whites does not reside simply in an abstraction - western societies - but in the skin of each and every one of us. Whether we like it or not, in every corner of the planet we enjoy an extraordinary personal power bestowed by our colour. It is something we are largely oblivious of,and consequently take for granted, irrespective of whether we are liberal or reactionary, backpackers, tourists or expatriate businessmen.

The existence of a de facto global racial hierarchy helps to shape the nature of racial prejudice exhibited by other races. Whites are universally respected, even when that respect is combined with strong resentment. A race generally defers to those above it in the hierarchy and is contemptuous of those below it."

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Short video about Martin Luther King Day from the Media that Matters festival.

The Apollos

I haven't seen many of the videos from the 7th festival yet, but there will most likely be more videos coming.
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Slip of the tongue - video )

This video was a entry in the Media that Matters Film Festival (here) I strongly suggest that, if you have time, you should check out some of the videos there.

The poem being recited in the video )
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After reading [ profile] emmagrant01's entry I saw [ profile] thefunkypig's and thought there would be...well, maybe one person on my flist that would like to see this video, or at least, would find it interesting. My apologies to those who are seeing this twice (but, on the other hand, both AleXx and I are recommending it, so watch it!)

Also "A Class Divided" is also a good watch if have the time. It's from the 80's but I think the exercise in it could be extremely useful.


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