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Who the fuck thought this was a good idea, Spain?

If you want to see what makes me incoherent with rage, it's a bunch of assholes deciding that a good advert idea is to have an olympic basketball team make 'slit eyes'. Yes, Spain, I'm looking at you. What the hell is wrong with people? How could no one step back and think this is a fucking stupid idea?

No, I won't lighten up (pardon the expression), I won't take it as a joke, I don't care if your "BFF Asian buddy" thinks it's hilarious because it's not. It's offensive. I don't care if no offense was intended, it doesn't excuse the fact that the advert was made, and it is offensive.

You want to know why minorities in a fit of anger and frustration will say "I hate white people"? This is a good example. Shit like this keeps happening and people ignore it, and eventually after enough POC shout that the damn thing is offensive a belated "OH WE FUCKED UP" statement occurs, which does not contain the words "we fucked up" but rather "We are sorry people were offended" placing it on the POC to try to make us feel guilty that we think that someone making fun of the way we look/sound/talk/act is unacceptable. Then no one learns from it and some other asshole makes the same damn mistake and we're back where we started from. I won't be made to feel guilty that I "ruined someone's fun/joke" when they are making fun of me or any other POC. I'm sorry. I won't. So fuck you, Spain.
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Dear city controller/councillor,

Just because you have been to *insert country here*, or are friends with people from *insert country here*, does not give you a carte blanche to say absolutely idiotic things about said country and then claim it's "political correctness run amok" when someone calls you on it.

No love,

Dear classmates,

If you spent as much time working as you do bitching you'd get one hell of a lot more work done, and I wouldn't have to listen to your whining and complaining about the same shit every damn day. Think on it, I feel everyone comes out a winner. Yes, I get that it's a lot of work - I'm in the same boat as you after all. But folks, you signed up for the course, it's not like you had no freaking clue that it was going to be hard. I'm tired of you bitching about the difficulty level - IT'S UNIVERSITY LEVEL PEOPLE, WE ARE NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE.

Seriously annoyed,


Oh to be done this term....

And for something completely different click the link-y to up the population of my online city. Because...I can go visit there and waste a good minute or so procrastinating and finding out the new population number. My city
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So. Not dead yet. I'm frustrated with a lot of things, one of them finances because I'm retarded, and didn't pick up straight away that the government was taking about $2500 of my summer pay and didn't replan my budget accordingly, so now I'm pretty much broke. Plus I've been trying for weeks to get in contact with someone so I can get the rest of the money I'm still owed from the summer, which is annoying since I don't really have the time to deal with this anymore.

I'm pretty much giving up on a couple of friends I had in high school (they're married now), because the girl is being an ass about me being unable to attend their wedding this past summer. I'm sorry, but she put the wedding on July 1st weekend, and didn't send out the invitations as early as one might expect for a) a summer wedding, and b) a wedding being held on a holiday weekend. I've already apologised for not being able to go, and if she wants to hold a grudge about it fine, fuck her, I don't have the inclination to figure out what I have to do to get back in her good graces.

I'm getting tired of school. Well, mostly the hours I'm putting in, and the crappy grades. There's not much more I can do unless I breakdown and decide that 5 hours of sleep is ok (currently I'm holding out at 5.5 - 6 hours), but on the other hand, is that extra hour of studying at midnight *really* going to help that much? I dunno, it just feels like I'm putting in this huge effort, and getting really shitty returns on it right now, but there's not a whole lot I can do to increase my study time.

I'm not touching the latest Harry Potter news because my flist has been covered in it, and at this point nothing I say will be much different than the other million posts on the subject. That, and I think I'm out of love with/out of touch with/just plain out of the HP fandom (though I recently read an HP/DM fic that was 'epilogue ambiguous" that I enjoyed. Can't remember if I commented on it or not), so I, uh, don't really care. I get that people are happy that a character is gay, but when I saw the news I just sort of went "eh" and moved on. Of course the lack of reaction may be related to me being tired and stressed overall, and this isn't something I can really get into right now. I still read fic every now and again, but I haven't really seen much in the HP fandom that has gripped me. Of course, unless it's recc'd or written by my flist I don't see it anymore, just because of time constraints.

Anyway, in a nutshell - I'm tired and stressed, and apparently bitchy right now, the latter being a product of the tired and stressed combo. I'm a bit sorry that this entry isn't anything fun and exciting, and is rather boring and bitchy, though.


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