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I think what I love about this video si that it sort of says a lot about what I'm thinking - I'm happy about Obama being president, but it does not satisfy me. It does not mean the US (or any country) is post-racial when they have a minority president. The work isn't done, racism still exists, a huge step toward Martin Luther King's dream, but it has not been realized.

Um, yes. The video is about 3 minutes long.
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I think I'm in love. It's called "Yellow Rage". Some of you may have seen this on [ profile] tenninch's journal. NSFW (language).

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My computer is still broken, but in the process of being fixed. While I likely could have got a new computer for a couple hundred more, the case for my computer is, in a word, hot. That, and I want to buy a new laptop in the new year, and buying a new computer would screw up my budget.

The rest of it:
- I always have to bite my tongue when I hear a white person say "You're generalizing and using a stereotype to depict all Americans/Canadians/southerners/liberals/conservatives/quebecers etc etc etc! I'm not like that!" because all I can think is "Welcome to my life"

A friend of mine recently posted a list on "How to be an 'ally'" which is really fantastic, and I think everyone should read, because I think everyone does something on the list at some point. I think that it's a good thing to be made aware of it. I know I've done some of the things before, and I'm not proud of it, but I think it serves of a good reminder, if for no other reason, to remind when 'I'm doing it wrong'.

I'm trying not to comment much on US politics because it's turning into a hot mess. But I found this video interesting (placed behind a cut in case people have issues with videos not behind cuts? I don't know, it made sense when I did it).

Another video - this one from Craig Ferguson and about voting )
And a couple of blogs on racism and white privilege and the US elections. I have some issues with the second link because while it talks about how...things are portrayed differently between the candidates, it is sort of...lopsided, and, for me, it seems to have a "Democrats are better/of course Democrats aren't like this" feel to it, which is stupid, but that may be a rant for another day.
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Bill Clinton - 1991
Experience isn't everything! We have to change!

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link to youtube

A routine eye exam turns into a troubling look at American attitudes towards minorities in positions of power.

Winner of the Jury Prize from the 2003 Media That Matters Film Festival.

I remembered this video after reading Steinham's article (and I agree with [ profile] tenninch that if I see it again, I'll puke all over her white-privileged butt.
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Eddie Izzard with legos! The sound may not be worksafe.

linky for those on IJ

Also hilarious

Again, with the linky

And a belated Happy Birthday to [ profile] klo_the_hobbit
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Short video about Martin Luther King Day from the Media that Matters festival.

The Apollos

I haven't seen many of the videos from the 7th festival yet, but there will most likely be more videos coming.
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Or, watch it here

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The video - I put a brief synopsis a few lines under the vid in case any of you are worried )

I know you'll probably start it and be all "Why is Lauren making me watch this?" and get all sad. BUT KEEP WATCHING. It gets awesome around 4.5 minutes in.
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Slip of the tongue - video )

This video was a entry in the Media that Matters Film Festival (here) I strongly suggest that, if you have time, you should check out some of the videos there.

The poem being recited in the video )
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After reading [ profile] emmagrant01's entry I saw [ profile] thefunkypig's and thought there would be...well, maybe one person on my flist that would like to see this video, or at least, would find it interesting. My apologies to those who are seeing this twice (but, on the other hand, both AleXx and I are recommending it, so watch it!)

Also "A Class Divided" is also a good watch if have the time. It's from the 80's but I think the exercise in it could be extremely useful.


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