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Stupid heat wave. We had rain this morning for at least a couple of hours, and it looks like it may rain again, so that may be of the good. And according to accuweather it will cool down some over the next couple of days. I'm debating making the investment of an air conditioner because I am not enjoying the heat at all in the apartment. On the plus side, my plants are doing well, although I have to water them a lot.

Job search is going ok. With any luck I'll be scheduling a couple of interviews in the next couple of weeks. Still, it's slow going but I'm not frustrated yet. I guess because I know I have a bit of a cushion between what I've saved and EI, so I'm not completely desperate for a job. Still, sooner is better in my books. Not sure what I'm going to do in August though; I've booked a cottage with my parents that I want to go to, but I'll worry about it when/if it becomes an issue. No use spending too much time worrying about it at this point.

The running is going ok. I had an 8k a couple weeks ago. It was hot and humid so the time wasn't awesome (43 min 55 seconds), but it was ok. I really wanted to finish under 45 minutes, which I did, so I can't complain. I'm still having some issues with race pacing since I haven't run a lot in the last few years so finding that pace is taking some work. Overall though, it's going well, I think. I have a run tomorrow, and I am hoping that by tomorrow morning it will be cooler.

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It hasn't been as bad as on the west coast here, but still well into the thirties with the humidex, and no one here owns an air conditioner.

I'm glad to hear you'll likely have some interviews lined up soon. Fingers crossed. :-)


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