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Birthdate:Aug 11
I was born. I went to elementary school. I graduated. I went to high school. I graduated. Went to University. I graduated. Now working in my field, in your typical somewhat-boring, but-hey-it's-a-job first job

To those authors I have friended that may be wondering "Who is this person and why did they friend me?" the answer is fairly simple - I don't have as much time to flist watch anymore and tend to use a lot of filters, so by friending writers that I do like, and who post their fiction in their journal, it's less likely I'm going to miss something if I don't have time to check the comms.

Friending Policy: Friend me, you don't need permission. However, if you want to be friended back, leave me a message somewhere so I know. I do reserve the right to do flist clean ups and to defriend people I have little in common with, or that do not update their journal. As such, I will not be offended if you defriend me because I do not tickle your fancy.

Update 2006: Most Real Life entries are Friends Only. I realise because many entries are locked that it will be difficult for you to decide whether or not I'm worth friending, and I'm sorry for that. There are some real life entries that are not FO, and I hope that is enough for you to make a decision.

Be warned I'm a bit involved in various fandoms. While this journal contains mostly Real Life, fangirling will occur occassionally, as well as fic, though the latter is quite rare. If you don't like it, you can either a) ignore it, or b) defriend me.

Fiction does not tell people what to do, nor what has happened, it is the construct of one's imagination.

Let's see who friended me today...or not

I make icons, or attempt to, anyway, if (for some unknown reason) you decide to use one (as a base, or icon) PLEASE comment. I don't care much if you credit (though it's nice), but at least tell me you're taking one. Please. Thanks.
They can be found at [profile] iconsforsquares. Mad props to [profile] crudelydrawn for the name.

I know I have some icons that are uncredited, so if you see one that is yours, feel free to scream and shout.

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