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So, in Canada we have an upcoming election, and I gotta say, I kind of dislike all the parties, and know dick all about the candidates in my riding, except that they are older white men. Apparently one had a bbq recently. The incumbent didn't show up for a debate about healthcare or something. I haven't even received mail from any of them. But whatever. I don't like Harper, I'm not sold on Ignatieff, nor Jack Layton, and Elizabeth May sometimes...drives me nuts.

I feel like it doesn't matter who I vote for to represent me, because when it comes down to it, they're going to toe the party line, and vote however they're told to by their leader. I don't know. Maybe I'm just too cynical about any change actually happening in our parliament. I'm tired of all the partisan crap and sound bites I get to hear. I'm tired of thinking about voting strategically because it's the only way I think my vote can count, even though I don't necessarily like the candidate or the party. I'm tired of the ridiculous ads, and personal attacks. I'm tired of elections every couple years.

I am excited about the vote mobs a bit, though we'll see come election day, and how many young people actually vote. It's not like it's changed how the leaders campaign - they still aren't really talking to anyone under the age of, like 40 (maybe mid 30's since there is that "family pack" the liberals are touting).

I want is a parliament I can be proud of. I want a leader I can be proud of. I want to see people working together, and an end to the general insanity that is question period. I want to be spoken to like an adult, and respected by the leader of my country. I want the opposing parties to treat each other with respect. I want to feel like my voice matters.
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