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Insert my obligatory "I haven't posted in ages" spiel here.

I've been running for the past month or so in the "Learn to Run" group I posted about earlier. It's been going well. We meet on Thursdays, and there's an unofficial group of us that meet on Tuesdays as well, which is good for me, because it's way easier for me to go out and run when I'm meeting up with people. There's someone that's about my pace in the group which is good for me. Considering there are only about 5 or 6 people in my group/level/whatever, it's a nice surprise. Oh, and I finally ran 5 km today, which, while not a huge milestone or anything, felt good to get done. I have a 5 km race next weekend that I somewhat foolishly signed up for last month, so actually running the distance was a good thing for me. At least I know what pace I can run and still finish the race at, if nothing else.

Been watching a lot of the Olympics as well. I have decided I need a pair pants that the the Norwegian Men's Curling team wear (as seen here). Aren't they fantastic? Anyway, I've been staying up far too late to watch some of the events, but oh well.

What one co-worker still drives me up the wall on occasion, but I'm getting more patient about it. At least the running gives me a chance to bleed off any pent up anger. She's nice, but sometimes...

Oh yes, I got a new stove for the apartment. The old one was, well, old (to quote the guys that brought the new one "wow that thing is ancient"), and kept blowing its fuses, so they got me a new one which is quite exciting. I can finally use the oven again!

I think...that's about it that's new, or somewhat new with me. Hope you all are having a lovely day.
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So, one of the jobs I applied to was filled by a friend of mine. So, I'm kind of disappointed I didn't get it (but kind of not...more on this later), and happy for her.
The reason I am not too upset. Uh...squick alert? involves, uh, dead animals )

Other than that, not much is new. I'm still looking for a job, which is not that much fun at all. I have applied to some companies in private industry, but I'm not sure how well that will go because a lot of places here have a hiring freeze at the moment, so I'm finding a lot of my applications are going to the university or grant/funding based jobs. We'll see though. I'm not keen on Toronto, but it looks like I'll have to start applying there, unless something comes up in the places I do want to work. We'll see I guess.

Oh. I've also become addicted to watching documentaries on YouTube. Uh, mostly serial killers/evil cult leaders and, uh, stuff like that. I don't know. I think I was in a weird mood when I started.
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Hey all.

Not much new here - I'm still loving work, which is awesome. My supervisor is having me learn a lot of stuff, and do a lot of techniques, which is really good. I'm also digging the weekly pay thing, though it's sort of depressing that I make about the same amount in a week that I made in a month waiting tables (admittedly, the restaurant was small, and I only worked one day a week. Still). Once a month we have 'cake day' which is basically an excuse to get together and socialize for about an hour in the afternoon. And eat cake (obviously). I've met a few more people in the department that are around my age, which is sort of cool. They were going out last night for Halloween, but I couldn't go, because I so much crap to do for school, I couldn't justify losing (at least) half a day on Saturday recovering, because, even if I didn't drink that much, I'd still be up stupid late. I know that sounds lame, but I just know that if I did go out I'd have fun, but I'd be a stressball the rest of the weekend, which is less cool.

School is going ok. I'm doing well in all my classes, except one, which is going to be my nemisis this term. It mostly difficult because it's not a subject I'm too interested in (it's about bioprocesses, which I know is important for the production of some metabolites/enzymes, and more importantly alcohol, the subject, or at least the way it's being taught is dead boring). I am finding it hard though, to keep on top of things - with work and school, I can balance it more or less ok, but I tend to be sacrificing sleep to get stuff done sometimes, which can make things tough.

I'm still trying (and failing) to step back from the US election - just a lot of stupid shit has been said that pisses me off, but there's too much for me to actually make a coherent post.

I'm thinking of linking to, and writing some of my own thoughts/experiences on obw's Ways to Offend list (like...linking to the post on the blog, and then expanding here on my experiences on the, uh, way to offend). Well, once I have time to, anyway.

Oh. And dragons.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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